April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Ever wanted to know well in advance, when Friday 13th falls?

Use this calendar

That way you can minimize any appointments to the dentist, move expected surgery, and avoid Bunning's Warehouse on these days. Use a calm sink of water to see yourself today, instead of mirrors.

Today, you also might like to avoid Catteries, Olsen Twins movies (born Fri 13) or music by Tupac Shakur (died Fri 13), skip the salt on your fish n chips, use powdered milk today to prevent spills, and if you're planning on pre-ordering the next Harry Potter book (which is due out on Friday July 13), maybe pick it up on the Saturday.

Best of luck to you all :)

April 11, 2007

Ozzies love the beach

After taking a look at the weather forecast for Sydney yesterday, and comparing it with Auckland, you gotta realise that the weather plays a massive part in HOW we respectively live.

Our dress attire is reflected:
Kiwi's in April are donning skivvies and turtlenecks, while Australians are still skipping to the beach in a skirt.

Our lunches differ:
If it's sunny in Auckland, for example, it might be too windy to eat on the deck at a cafe, so we tend to stay indoors (or at work). Sydneysiders might catch the bus to Bondi, and perhaps taking a 20 minute dip in the water before changing and organising a business meeting on the bus trip back.

Our after hours social activities differ:
In Auckland, in April, on a "good day" like today, at best we might head to a neighbours place, or friends or family for a spring BBQ with wine, in a last ditch effort to claim something of the tailwinds of summer. In Sydney, in April, every day is a good day. You'll visit every relative over the month, eat fabulous food and drink a plentiful amount of good wines. You could easily visit Manly a few times by ferry as well, even scoring a tan!!

One good thing has happened here in Auckland this month - we are now partly even with Australian holiday-pay entitlement. 4 weeks a year - FINALLY! Yessss! *clenches fist to air*

<-- oh yeah, this sign was put up to warn Australians of a possible Tsunami affecting the area... whoops!

April 4, 2007

Anti-Smacking Bill

Here in NZ, this bloody issue just won't go away. It continues to unite the nation, and divide the people from our government. There is a website now taking a snap poll, which upon reaching 100,000 votes, will be submitted to parliament.

Do you believe in smacking your children?

A bill has been put to parliament that effectively will see any form of physical hitting toward children - become an offence. It is speculated this bill will not affect parents who currently 'bash' their kids (as its likely this will be largely ignored by those anyway), and has a high chance of prosecuting good people who dicipline their children with well-judged parenting, and smacking being a part of that.

When you get to a moment where a loud pronouced, authoritative voice is needed, what do you do...

a) If your child is determined to play with electrical cords, do you smack? "No! - that's naughty... do not touch!"

b) If your child doesn't eat their (healthy) prepared lunch, and you repeatedly find junk food wrappers in their school bag, do you smack? "I've told you to eat the lunch I give you, and not to eat junk food!"

Thank you for voting on Sue Bradford's bill at www.opinionpolls.co.nz. Day 1 has produced a fantastic response.

Please tell your friends and colleagues to go and vote - if 100,000 Kiwis vote on this crucial issue, the government cannot ignore the results.

If everyone who has already voted tells 20 friends and colleagues about www.opinionpolls.co.nz, then we will achieve those voting numbers - and the result will influence the success or failure of the bill.

Thank you for helping to make a difference.

Opinion Polls NZ