August 22, 2007


This band blew my head clean off!

Hailing from Melbourne, these guys at first hear, sound like AC/DC and Motorhead mashed, but as I listened to the rest of their 2nd album "Runnin Wild" last night, it was clear to me that this album is essentially something of a failsafe rock album for any piss-up, BBQ or morning kickstart. I listened to it again this morning on the drive to work.

Guitar solo's are back - Airbourne make this abundantly clear. Every song on the album is a killer, all of them extremely well produced and upbeat, with easy to remember 'one-focus' lyrics. Simple kick your foot in the air Rock-n-Roll! I like it. Try some:
They're playing at the Kings Arms this Friday night [tickets]. I expect everyone there to be sloshed and laughing their asses off to the soundtrack of some fucking good rock.