August 11, 2008

Johnny Cash: Remixed

Looking forward to the October release of Johnny Cash Remixed...

Sample it now ;)

102.7 Kiis FM ends worldwide streaming

One of the best things about streaming on the internet, is being able to hear radio stations from the other side of the world. Getting an insight into their market, and hearing new things. It's part of the appeal (and to simultaneously hear the same breaking song when you're breaking it here - a great feeling I tell you!)

Clear Channel in their infinite wisdom are now scanning your IP address, and if you're outside of the US - big bouncer guy shows you the door.

Instead I get this: (click to enlarge)

Is this a clear sign that Clear Channel are tightening up (after news they keep selling off "middle market" stations) and focussing on strengthening their major market stations, and dare I guess - re-focussing on LOCAL radio? I'd probably be more accurate rephrasing it to LOCAL dollars.

Their website upon first glance, might not appear to be that of a typical looking "local" station's site, but look around, and you'll see that Kiis have clearly defined what their website should be; a portal for Kiis content, culture and lifestyle.

The music, whether it's FM, streamed, or digital - is treated as a feature component, as is video, and in this case, none of it is available to me - cos I don't matter on this side of the world. Their sales focus and content generation is targeted to their local audience - which is where they will yield the best result for their advertising clients.

It costs them less in international licensing fees as well, which would be one result (see: excuse) of this change in strategy, yet it's interesting to think that with this new "local" strategy for a website in which I can view on the other side of the world, you'd think I SHOULD be blocked entirely from seeing the page altogether?

The reason I can't get the audio stream is because I can't be reached by US business. Think of it like a flashlight. If the market illuminated is the US, then where does the international community come into the picture? Answer is, they don't. Not even Canada.