March 6, 2009

Virgin Radio Vancouver

A lot of reasons I post this - but I will keep it simple.

On January 8 2009, Vancouver Radio Station 95 Crave relaunched as Virgin Radio Vancouver.

I was really impressed with the lead-in to this launch. There was an open tease on air, the 95 Crave website was even blogging about it - and not just the webmaster, but from the programme director Ronnie Stanton (yes, the Australian).

Particularly active, is drive host Buzz Bishop. His blog was on fire with regular updates, and inside information - even an interview with Richard Branson! Listening from the other side of the world, I felt like he was my local drive host.

And it goes to say, that if they can have that effect on the other side of the world, then Vancouver has one dream team running a fantastic radio brand. Love the website with Flash aacPlus stream, and the Facebook page.

I'd call this a very very successful launch, in a time when radio is clawing for new listeners, no matter where in the world you are.

Audio: 60 minutes of the relaunch audio (55Mb)
Audio: just the relaunch imaging (8.7Mb)