October 28, 2004

Clear Channel clean up AM Bandwidth

This is an interesting read. here


Im gonna write in my blog (Imoggaraimabloh!).
Arrrgh, I hate that dry throat spasm coff I have at the mom't. All blogked up, yet the body wants all the exits cleared. My head has probably eggpanded 5% - coz it feels like a heavy punkkin.
Take things slowly, force myself to like Lemsip and recover. If George is mellow enough today, I might tune in. Of course I have to figure out to how to pop my ears to I can hear properly. Uggghh.

October 26, 2004

The Tron - A New Bypass

As I fuelled up at Bombay, I was greeted by the happiest Mobil staff I had ever come across - as if these Pukekohe locals were close to a bonus as Labour Weekend made assigned quotas easier to meet? I lived in that mirage once.

Then charging down the straight, passing another fleeing Aucklander - I see what would probably become the bane of the owner by the end of Labour Weekend. It was a red van that had included the letters "JAFFA" on its plate, and south of the Bombays, that takes some guts.

I blurred their plate for their safety

Yes, the roads have been improved remarkably. From Mercer right through to Huntly is what could make Auckland's Southern Motorway 'central' in years to come. It is definitely Motorway and America large. There's room to pitch a tent on the grass either side, new overbridge intersections that seem to offer a destination (but upon 2.5km of "discovery" down one, I decided one u-turn was enough), and travel time was shaved too.

Bombay to Hamilton at the legal speed limit - 45 minutes. Push over the limit hard and you'd get it in 30. Huntly may be the bypass of the future, but it doesn't mean we will visit more often though, Hamilton.

I forgot how horrible radio is in Hamilton. I thought it could get better over time but within that 45 minutes of travel time, I heard a slamming campaign of Waikatos World too many times across all of the major stations, in between the centralised playlists. Wow, whats up with the weekend announcers? Seriously, there are some REALLY underprepped jocks on air there. Ouch.

Hamilton lake is so bleak, I wish it did rain.

I managed to get out to a friends place in Whatawhata. He's got a few acres there and has a place on a hill with the most wicked view behind his bright flower garden, pool and typical farmhouse pillared deck. The house is a do-up, two years into the renovation and its a real treat to see its progress after such time between visits. He's going to make a mint one day once he decides how to subdivide is empty lots. We toasted his success with a couple of beers and hot dogs.

I had Sunday brunch with a great radio bud (a true gentleman who I think should revive his online column) at Scotts on Victoria Street, only to return 30 minutes afterward for coffee with another dear friend.

The staff there spotted the Aucklander right away. I informed one of the charmers there that scientists had figured out how to naturally produce straight bananas. She duly told everyone else over the following 90 minutes, and returned later with facts from another table about how ladies cannot close their mouths when applying eyeliner. I did not know that!

Off to Paeroa that afternoon to see the new mansion on the hill where another friend has recently moved in. It's a great house and the lucky bastard has an awesome office setup there. Looking at your computer screen now, imagine glancing left to see your vision engulfed by Paeroa and the overwhelming Hauraki Plains. It's a surprisingly AWE-some feeling of displacement when surfing the net on broadband there.

Back across to Whatawhata on the Monday to catch up with another girlfriend who had just returned back from her Labour Weekend. Its weird how they use rainwater in Whatawhata, yet Environment Waikato charge for it? I thought a lot about that on my way back to the smoke until Huntly where I needed to refuel with 96 and consume some local grub.

In Huntly, I scanned the LPFM dial and found a little broadcaster in Huntly on 107.7 playing some unforgettable stuff that could really be forgettable. Signal was weak too. TLC will move in there soon, so Huntly will have something a little more polished - which they should assume the honour at the upcoming fireworks display there.

Roll on New Years, where I will avoid the Waikato and head north!

October 22, 2004

Ke? F See?

KFC are re-branding their chicken didn't ya know?

Is it a case of finally admitting they are still incorrect on the name of their product, is it a Saatchi refresher campaign, are numbers down?.

No. Their chickens now come from Inghams who have a history of feeding their chickens GE chicken feed. Greenpeace, bless em, have offered to help the rebranding. Jason Gallagher has great perspective when it comes to branding, if you want his help.

Chicken is a tricky thing to brand in NZ, even eggs. Most people think that the dozen eggs they buy are free range - when they've in fact been mislead by the label "Farm Fresh" or similar. A couple of weeks back, there was a TV feature on this (although where I saw it, slips my memory) and the "sad fact' as one free range farmer put it, is that we have the farmland and capacity to farm eggs naturally, but. we. just. don't.

It all comes down to $$$ and pushing through as much product as possible, disregarding the wellbeing of the chicken. These chooks never see the light of day. It's disgusting and always shocks any New Zealander when told the sad story.

It reminds me of a Havoc & Newsboy investigation a few years back, where they sneaked into a battery farm in the middle of the night. It made me sick to think that these animals are subjected to such poor conditions, just to have their necks broken at the end of the calendar month, sent to KFC for greasing and heating, and us to eat. Again, it's disgusting and always shocks any New Zealander when told the sad story.

Over the years I've picked up bits of rumour here and there about KFC. When they shortened their name to the KFC abbreviation a few years back, I heard it was because they couldn't technically call it Kentucky Fried "Chicken" as a complaint was held up on what consititutes a chicken, and that KFC were not selling chickens. Originally, Colonel Sanders did sell chickens door to door in Kentucky, but never were they fried in Kentucky for New Zealand consumption. So, instead of rebranding to Kentucky Fried Something That Looks Like Chicken, But Actually Isn't, they opted for KFC - a familiar acronym.

So, Kiwi for Chicken? I don't think so KFC. Dream on.

Pressure leads to change. A small victory comes to the people of Otahuhu and a handful of other areas that have a high Indian population. Why? The people demand Halal Chicken, because it's against their religion to eat the pulp that KFC serve out daily. They can only eat naturally farmed chickens. So KFC Otahuhu serves it on Sundays.

October 21, 2004

You're Hired!

Yes, Donald Trump is coming to NZ radio.

TRN (The Radio Network) have added to their list of American radio programming produced by Premiere Radio Networks. TRN currently broadcast the American Top 40 on ZM, Easy Listening i has the "privately owned" John Tesh Radio Programme (although he thinks Auckland is Illawarra). I noticed Radio Hauraki now has one, and it's probably ZB's turn to join the band by airing "Trumped" from November.

Hi Folks, you're all fired!
Now some of the women that you read about and see are truly beautiful. They have some really incredible women. I don’t want to name too many of them and maybe I shouldn’t name any because I know so many of them. But they do have some beauties. - from "Trumped!" - Oct 20, 2004.

October 20, 2004

The Tron

I'm off to Hamilton for Labour Weekend. Yes its the destination of choice, rather than accident. Gotta catch up with a lot of friends who I've promised to see but haven't over the last 6-12 months. Then over the plains to the Coromandel Peninsula, then back to Orkers.

For those who haven't been to The Tron in a few years, I'll take some pix and post them up here, just in case anyone asks you "have you been to Hamilton recently" and you can reply in the safety of this blog "why, yes. I noticed the.." and onward you'll lie.

While on the road, I'll also keep an eye out for cops behind bushes with those speedo guns (they might even have the speedo logo on the side of them). If I see some, I'll take some pix and put them up here when I get back. If that worries you, because you're on dialup - don't fret - I have another post in my drafts about photos and blogging from a dialup users perspective. I'll finish that up soon.

October 18, 2004

MS Office: God Edition

Can you imagine the calendar of the almighty this week so far?

17 Oct:
Watch third US Debate again then read the Lange speech
Contact Santa Claus - cancel William Hung bulk order.
Continue guilt trip on Paul Ellis, Sinead O'Connor, Tony Blair.
Hospitalise Marc Almond
Install Google Desktop program
Reward BOP NPC team
Organise scones and tea for Maurice Shadbolt
Ensure Alinghi win regatta over Team NZ - provide wind
Subscribe to Shady 45

18 Oct:
Flood Napier
Read up on John Tamihere
Keep an eye on NZ Fashion Week
Hotdogs for lunch
Listen to Dubbers report from Birmingham on bFM
Break all mirrors in Taj Mahal (USE THE MYSTERIOUS WAYS METHOD)
Give John Ross the Rodney seat
Keep Black Power & Mongrel Mob united at hikoi today
Check CanWest share price after todays press release
Set VCR for Flashies "Blondie Special" Wednesday night
Push Crude Oil prices up even further
Hendrix visits later for a chat about Motley Crue reunion

He Won't Go Away!

Oh dear.

October 14, 2004

Sam Chambers


Sam Chambers is a really great guy. The other night, he was let off the hook and told that the entire show revolved around him. "Living The Dream" was fake, you were surrounded by actors and you are famous. If you have no idea who this fella is, read up.

We didn't expect him to smash anyone's face in (although Mark did), instead he took it with a great sense of humour, much like his fellow contestants/actors predicted. Blown-away? yes.

Best thing about it, he's going back to the vineyard in the Hawkes Bay to carry on with life. No aspirations to be a TV star, or b-grade celeb that hosts travel shows. Life on the farm with his new ute. It's actually been 4 months for Sam, so he's probably managed to avoid most of the ensuing media frenzy and the fame.

The 'Cast' from Living The Dream
Smooth as a gravy sandwich

Big Dick

At home, we're not much better. First the botch up of the STV voting system, then a pathetic turnout of registered voters at the hilt.

At least Dick Hubbard is in charge of the big city and I already like the sound of a couple of his early stated promises: No Eastern Motorway, No V8 race, and he wants to improve the image of Auckland to the Jafa haters south of the Bombays.

I await the 20 questions from Metro Mag.

October 13, 2004

Biggest Ass

Two dipsticks racing to become the worlds most loathed man. It's gotta feel good. Welcome to the race of the US Presidential Election!

I've been catching glimpses from BBC World and (dare I say) "Fox & Friends" of this daily dose of truth twisting and media speculation much like that of swarming bees. At least ManCow has perspective.

I feel sorry for Ruth Smith who lives in Pennsylvania. How on earth can she make a decision to vote for the lesser evil?

This is why I hate politics and why I love donating money to Greenpeace.

Low Power Mavericks?

Talk about taking one for the team, god I feel awful.

Yes, we have a tainted past [1][2][3] and although those involved have moved on and would rather forget it, now every time something is reported about LPFM by the Herald (sadly the most read paper, and sadly we have to take it seriously), it gets tagged with "non-fee paying, radio mavericks" or something insulting that just kills any credibility we are trying to achieve.

That story is seriously 12 months of out date and is a serious lack of research by Alan Perrott. To keep it positive, I suppose we should reflect and understand the effort we've all put in since. Look to the future and who knows, October 2004 will be reported in October 2005.

Give me some angry hip hop Julia..

October 7, 2004

404 Away!

Most times, you can punch in a URL then type /404 and you will get that sites 404 error page. Here are a few spoofs I've found: (Please look carefully.)

Bush's Evidence of Weapons
An actual homepage
A 'personals column' for web code
Online a lot?

The only creative ACTUAL 404 I've found belonging to a NZ website is from Greenpeace, bless em.
If you find any others, please put your comment below!

Need a better 'auto-away' message for your email? See zirconiag's blog.

More 404

October 5, 2004

Metaphor creates kaos

Hoooooooooooo boy. Don't ask me how I got onto this, but if you have a few people around you at work - or wherever you are (keep to yourself if you are in internet cafe), do a snap-poll. ONE ANSWER, FIRST ANSWER Only.

"Which came first - the Chicken or The Egg?" - that is your question.
I'll give you a few minutes. Go.

OK - Back?

I know the bloody answer, and most would say the egg - coz chickens had to come from somewhere. No? They said chicken? You have the right to flick their ear. How many answered chicken, coz you've got some flicking to do.

Simply put, you have to think about the time before the chicken.
A non-chicken has sex with another non-chicken, or frog or whatever. Inside the reproductive system of the female, mixing of male and female DNA or mutations of the DNA, produces the zygote. This z word you havent heard since 5th form is the key - and if you're religiously inclined, we will call it the "shake of god".

When the zygote mutates (dependant on its hosts DNA) a new species is formed. This mutation produces a new cell. Upon gods timetable, a gong is sounded, the cell splits into two and bada bing, bada boom you have Chicken.

Insummary, the zygote cell is the only place where DNA mutations could produce a new animal, and the zygote cell is housed in the chicken's egg. So, the egg must have come first.

I'm here all week.

October 4, 2004

Big Day Out 2005

I'm glad I skipped last years Big Day Out. So glad I saved my HARD EARNED moola for a gig that really counts.

Oh my furry little buffalo wings, the Big Day Out 2005 will be my vice.

Look out children - it's the BEASTIE BOYS!
SYSTEM OF A DOWN will perform for all - even Mr Whippy vendors.
The CHEMICAL BROTHERS have an icecream of their own, whereas THE MUSIC is the band that'll definitely help make memories. I hope they're playing around 5-7ish.
Theres also THE STREETS, THE DONNAS and the FREESTYLERS and I sincerely hope I can drink a bottle of orange under the sun on the grass with POWDERFINGER or the JOHN BUTLER TRIO as my soundtrack.
I suspect GRINSPOON will be the early evening medication, and CONCORD DAWN for those on medication.

Every single one of these acts will perform, and I actually know (and like) every single one of them. Impressive.

I like the fact that the NZ only performances include the return of Shihad, Steriogram and the D4 (whom I last saw @ BDO 2003 - love them pink shirts). Remaining are The Bleeders, Trinity Roots and the Misfits Of Science, all I've yet to see live.

Big Day Out 2005, Friday January 21 @ Ericsson Stadium - Gates Open 11am

October 2, 2004

Aly Cook

Thats some fine music my friends. If you have access to AC Hit Disc 8, then give her single "I Wonder" a listen (or watch it).

At time of publishing, theres been little interest by the radio networks to add it. The song could easy go onto the Classic Hits and More FM networks, as well as all the localworks stations, plus many of the independents such as IXX and Times FM.

Aly's done everything right too. She recorded her song with Alan Janssen and Rick Huntington aboard the starship enterprise that is Uptown Studios, she's even got a video for it. When she auditioned for Warners to get a deal, she got leapfrogged by Anika Moa. It's quite clear she is extremely talented. She was part of the innovative group DNE and got a single out there too "Be There" - cheekily got it onto MTV Europe too.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Aly was the voice who sang the "Auckland's Hottest Music" Jingles for Mai FM all those years ago - she even did the "Owwwww" part at the end.

Recently she was approached by BBC Radio and subsequently featured on Larry London's Voice Of America show - which broadcasts over the globe! That's some excellent exposure - I don't think she'll forget that anytime soon. Nationally, Liz Barry played the single on the Homergrown show at the end of September. On the net, Aly has constantly hit #1 at the indie "artistlaunch.com" and her interview with freeworldradio is insightful.

She has also been offered a gig at Mainland TV to host a show based out of Nelson (where she lives). The More FM swamped XLR8 website has nominated her for artist of the year next to the likes of Hayley Westenra, Goldenhorse and Brooke Fraser for the 2004 Entertainment Awards. All this without a major label. It points to a big future doesn't it?

Official Website