October 14, 2004

Sam Chambers


Sam Chambers is a really great guy. The other night, he was let off the hook and told that the entire show revolved around him. "Living The Dream" was fake, you were surrounded by actors and you are famous. If you have no idea who this fella is, read up.

We didn't expect him to smash anyone's face in (although Mark did), instead he took it with a great sense of humour, much like his fellow contestants/actors predicted. Blown-away? yes.

Best thing about it, he's going back to the vineyard in the Hawkes Bay to carry on with life. No aspirations to be a TV star, or b-grade celeb that hosts travel shows. Life on the farm with his new ute. It's actually been 4 months for Sam, so he's probably managed to avoid most of the ensuing media frenzy and the fame.

The 'Cast' from Living The Dream
Smooth as a gravy sandwich

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