October 20, 2004

The Tron

I'm off to Hamilton for Labour Weekend. Yes its the destination of choice, rather than accident. Gotta catch up with a lot of friends who I've promised to see but haven't over the last 6-12 months. Then over the plains to the Coromandel Peninsula, then back to Orkers.

For those who haven't been to The Tron in a few years, I'll take some pix and post them up here, just in case anyone asks you "have you been to Hamilton recently" and you can reply in the safety of this blog "why, yes. I noticed the.." and onward you'll lie.

While on the road, I'll also keep an eye out for cops behind bushes with those speedo guns (they might even have the speedo logo on the side of them). If I see some, I'll take some pix and put them up here when I get back. If that worries you, because you're on dialup - don't fret - I have another post in my drafts about photos and blogging from a dialup users perspective. I'll finish that up soon.

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