October 2, 2004

Aly Cook

Thats some fine music my friends. If you have access to AC Hit Disc 8, then give her single "I Wonder" a listen (or watch it).

At time of publishing, theres been little interest by the radio networks to add it. The song could easy go onto the Classic Hits and More FM networks, as well as all the localworks stations, plus many of the independents such as IXX and Times FM.

Aly's done everything right too. She recorded her song with Alan Janssen and Rick Huntington aboard the starship enterprise that is Uptown Studios, she's even got a video for it. When she auditioned for Warners to get a deal, she got leapfrogged by Anika Moa. It's quite clear she is extremely talented. She was part of the innovative group DNE and got a single out there too "Be There" - cheekily got it onto MTV Europe too.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Aly was the voice who sang the "Auckland's Hottest Music" Jingles for Mai FM all those years ago - she even did the "Owwwww" part at the end.

Recently she was approached by BBC Radio and subsequently featured on Larry London's Voice Of America show - which broadcasts over the globe! That's some excellent exposure - I don't think she'll forget that anytime soon. Nationally, Liz Barry played the single on the Homergrown show at the end of September. On the net, Aly has constantly hit #1 at the indie "artistlaunch.com" and her interview with freeworldradio is insightful.

She has also been offered a gig at Mainland TV to host a show based out of Nelson (where she lives). The More FM swamped XLR8 website has nominated her for artist of the year next to the likes of Hayley Westenra, Goldenhorse and Brooke Fraser for the 2004 Entertainment Awards. All this without a major label. It points to a big future doesn't it?

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