October 18, 2004

MS Office: God Edition

Can you imagine the calendar of the almighty this week so far?

17 Oct:
Watch third US Debate again then read the Lange speech
Contact Santa Claus - cancel William Hung bulk order.
Continue guilt trip on Paul Ellis, Sinead O'Connor, Tony Blair.
Hospitalise Marc Almond
Install Google Desktop program
Reward BOP NPC team
Organise scones and tea for Maurice Shadbolt
Ensure Alinghi win regatta over Team NZ - provide wind
Subscribe to Shady 45

18 Oct:
Flood Napier
Read up on John Tamihere
Keep an eye on NZ Fashion Week
Hotdogs for lunch
Listen to Dubbers report from Birmingham on bFM
Break all mirrors in Taj Mahal (USE THE MYSTERIOUS WAYS METHOD)
Give John Ross the Rodney seat
Keep Black Power & Mongrel Mob united at hikoi today
Check CanWest share price after todays press release
Set VCR for Flashies "Blondie Special" Wednesday night
Push Crude Oil prices up even further
Hendrix visits later for a chat about Motley Crue reunion

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