January 25, 2012

You sneaky bitch

Google, you sneaky bitch!

What have you done to Blogger? What's with this super clean back-end interface? Did you fire the person who came up with #FFFFFF as the primary way to keep what could be a turd of a site, clean and simple?

Looking around I have options to label this post, which I will - one will be WTF - I can schedule this to publish tomorrow, or whenever, like 12:12pm on 12 Dec 2012 (but I won't). Scheduling was there before but clunky and hidden at the bottom. Unsure If I want to tag my location though - going on my recent escapade with Foursquare.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that in my absence of 6 months at Blogger, you've done some serious renovating. It's good.

I just need to come back more often.