July 24, 2005

Chutney - July 25

Two to report this week: Electric 80s and Motown Remixed.

Disc 1

1 Torch (12" version) - Soft Cell
2 Fade To Grey (12" version) - Visage
3 Today - Talk Talk
4 Brilliant Mind - Furniture
5 Planet Earth (12" night version) - Duran Duran
6 I Rain (full album version) - A Flock Of Seagulls
7 Life In Tokyo (original 12" version) - Japan
8 Mad World - Tears For Fears
9 Enola Gay - OMD
10 Absolute - Scritti Politti
11 Obsession - Animotion
12 First Picture Of You - Lotus Eaters
13 Drowning In Berlin - Mobiles
14 I'm In Love With A German Film Star (long version) - Passions
15 Moments In Love (12" beaten version) - Art Of Noise

Disc 2
1 Love Action (12" version) - Human League
2 Quiet Life (12" version) - Japan
3 To Cut A Long Story Short (12" version) - Spandau Ballet
4 Wishing (12" version) - A Flock Of Seagulls
5 Love On Your Side - Thompson Twins
6 Vicious Games - Yello
7 Dr Mabuse (12" 13th life version) - Propaganda
8 Soul Train - Swansway
9 Promised You A Miracle - Simple Minds
10 Love My Way - Psychedelic Furs
11 Kick In The Eye - Bauhaus
12 Back To Nature (full album version) - Fad Gadget
13 Underpass - Foxx, John
14 Down In The Park - Tubeway Army

Disc 3
1 You Spin Me Round (12" performance version) - Dead Or Alive
2 Don't Go - Yazoo
3 Don't Talk To Me About Love - Altered Images
4 Shiny Shiny - Haysi Fantayzee
5 Safety Dance (12" version) - Men Without Hats
6 Calling Your Name - Marilyn
7 Cry Boy Cry - Blue Zoo
8 Pop Muzik - M
9 Look Of Love (12" version) - ABC
10 Take On Me - A-Ha
11 Feels Like Heaven - Fiction Factory
12 Einstein A Gogo - Landscape
13 Living By Numbers - New Musik
14 It's A Mystery - Toyah
15 Video Killed The Radio Star - Buggles
16 Hold Me Now (12" version) - Thompson Twins

The Motown Remixed concept is REAL COOL too.

Go HERE and listen to Diana Ross & The Supremes - My World Is Empty Without You, or on the happy vibe, you can't go past the mix of I Want You Back by the Jackson 5, or Marvin Gaye's Lets Get It On.

A-B these with the other disc, Motown Unmixed.

...blurb ex The In Crowd:
These producers and remixers were given unprecedented access to the Motown vaults, to put their spin on classics from the most famous record label in popular music. They (respectfully) funk up, turn inside out and chill out best-loved Motown songs, from “I Want You Back” to “My World Is Empty Without You,” from “Let’s Get It On” to “Mary Jane.” Classic Motown’s most significant foray ever into DJ, dance and club culture, the project also includes the release of three vinyl mega-singles, which in total will include 10 of the album’s 15 tracks, with several of them in exclusive extended versions: “Volume 1,” “Volume 2” and “Volume 3” will all be released on May 10th. Additionally, Motown/UMe will issue a Motown Unmixed CD compilation, featuring original versions of songs from the album on May 24, the same day as the Remixed album.

Each time I wrote the word 'electric' on this post, I kept fucking it up by writing 'electirc'. Am I becoming dyslexic?

July 18, 2005

Cancel all theories

Womens shopping. Men know about it, men do not talk about it.
One female humanoid has quietly unfolded the mystery of shopping:
Now ladies and gentlemen (and crazy perverts who are gagging to see me in my lingerie) there is an art to shopping in a sale. The art of self control. Now sure you can go in and max out all your credit cards in two minutes but that's not the most economic way to go about it. You need to find the items you've always wanted and the item of your dreams as opposed to buying everything you can find just because it's so much cheaper than usual. If this is the attitude you take into a sale you will walk out complete, complete with brand new shoes and beautiful, sexy clothing. You become the queen of the sale and receive your crown, your subjects admire your fine shopping choices and you are expected to rule the shopping universe. Newyorkality

Apparently, this guideline is good for shoes, makeup, hair, sunnies, bags, jewellery the lot... or is this just a male humaoids way of having the convenient answer?

July 15, 2005

Retro:Active 4

Retro:Active 4 - sweet like chocolate
Holy nanas nuts! They've gone and done it again...
I wish I had an Australian commentator handy to say SENSATIONAL!!

12 tracks of dusty vault goodness here folks. All of these except the OMD, Blue Peter and Smiths tracks, have never been released on CD, so get it while you can!

Howard Jones ‘New Song’ (Extended Version)
The Cure ‘In Between Days’ (Extended Version)
Tin Tin ‘Hold It’ (Extended Mix)
Vitamin Z ‘Burning Flame’ (Extended Dance Mix)
Underworld ‘Underneath The Radar’ (12” Remix)
The Smiths ‘This Charming Man’ (New York Vocal Mix)
Blue Peter ‘Don’t Walk Past’ (F Version Original 12")
Belfegore ‘All That I Wanted’ (Extended Club Mix)
Nik Kershaw ‘Wouldn’t It Be Good’ (Simon Boswell Re-Mix)
B-Movie ‘A Letter From Afar’ (Big Mix)
OMD ‘Secret’ (Original 12” Mix)
Blancmange ‘Living On The Ceiling’ (12” Mix)

There's something to be said for the 12" vinyl enthusiasts, who have spent years collecting music. Some of them may spew at this release, whereas others (probably you) will still wink with a tilt of the head as if to say "you think you got it all now buddy, dont ya". "well ya don't mr joyous and filled with glee, you don't".

July 13, 2005

cddb.org - automagic

This post is not about the webserver cddb.org, nor its primary function of supplying my lazy fingers relief from typing every song title when ripping music onto computer. Its about the surprise when you skim the tracklisting on the CD, then see what the titles are called after dpPoweramp digs the titles off the net, using cddb.org. Having said that, the new Gorillaz album has a song called "Fire Coming Out Of A Monkey's Head".


Passing thought

Is is considered bad luck to walk under a wooden ladder, and touch wood you dont have bad luck?

July 11, 2005


Thats sure to attract spam, google ranking and the valuation of this blog somewhat...

Am I a late bloomer to the world of online music?
Has the wild west of illegal mp3s finally subsided to the dark corners of the saloon, and music lovers are paying for what they want, and actually getting it - quickly without fuss?

How about that shitty Digirama. Still doing WMA files are they? Yeah. Actually, to give them some credit, I like how its music library has evolved. A shame about the DRM protected WMA files. Oh, whats this - Creative are advertsing their MuVos there too. Can I rate this site in negative? At least Orcon are tapping it for hits.

Any progress in legal mp3 downloads in NZ yet? To be honest, and to my discredit, I have not researched this bit before clunking on the keyboard. Instead, like belly fluff, i've a-mossed a few nice online places over the last few months where the music is free, mostly unknown, and reeking of choice.

I like the revamped for the (how many times now) mp3.com - a shame I cannot use it. Luckily they're under the umbrella of CNET and this includes download.com's music room. Genre after sub-genre after micro-genre. Who knew?

I found a love for turntablism, reaquainted myself with Chicago House and even found podcasts there. I've found multitudes of excellent quality music online, and Im not talking about mp3 quality - I mean 'mean' music production. You don't have to be an Iain Roberton to have access to Protools, with Sampletank or something close to it and are making music for a) fun, b) exposure, c) fun.

The gates have opened, gatekeeper. You are out of a job. Go turn signs. I hear its a peaceful career and you can stop hot chicks.

July 4, 2005

Live8 kicked ass

Live 8 - what a ride. Makes you think that the 'rock n roll juice' is still out there in its purest form and it takes a guy like Geldof to mash up a classroom of musical misfits yound and old, flaky and gritty to produce an event that is guaranteed a worldwide audience and to have the ability to create a dent in planet Earth's timeline of events.

In weeks, months, years to come - Live8 will be on there in the 2005 calendar (next to the Michael Jackson trial).

What I find interesting, but hardly surprising is the self-absorbed people out in the world who are complaining about it - even though they themselves watched it:

• Bono has never paid a cent of tax in his life, yet he's asking taxpayers of the world to give money. How many houses does he have again?
• Why did Bill Gates get two minutes in the first two hours of this concert?
He never mentioned Microsoft, but does he have to?
• Why are rich music stars telling 8 rich politicians to supply money to a diamond-digging nation that is run by outlaws?

I thoroughly enjoyed Live8.

A great event for a very worthwhile cause. Wether fascist pigs take notice of the goodness intended is another thing. A message was there, everyone knows what it was wether they like to admit it or not. Sir Bob Geldof knows how to knock up a historic event. Everything from the skeletel deals like sponsorships, broadcast rights, tv, radio and internet partners to the presentation, design, and locations. The seemingly ad-free event only had 2-3 minute "documercials" about the preventable situation going on in Africa during the broadcast - an impressive show of power.

The bands reminded us of their ink of years gone by. The right songs were performed, the crowds sang in support and not just in London, Rome or Johannesburg, but all of the participating cities. I enjoyed REM's 'Everybody Hurts', Duran Duran's 'Save A Prayer' (like they did at Live Aid) and what really got me was the opening act - U2. Bono just drove the nail in. Made sure the message was clear and even though he must have a huge ego to be such the frontperson for this event (as Geldof kept backstage for most of it), I applaud his determination to right a wrong. What better way to do that by using your craft.

Truly a uniting event. Watch it online.