July 15, 2005

Retro:Active 4

Retro:Active 4 - sweet like chocolate
Holy nanas nuts! They've gone and done it again...
I wish I had an Australian commentator handy to say SENSATIONAL!!

12 tracks of dusty vault goodness here folks. All of these except the OMD, Blue Peter and Smiths tracks, have never been released on CD, so get it while you can!

Howard Jones ‘New Song’ (Extended Version)
The Cure ‘In Between Days’ (Extended Version)
Tin Tin ‘Hold It’ (Extended Mix)
Vitamin Z ‘Burning Flame’ (Extended Dance Mix)
Underworld ‘Underneath The Radar’ (12” Remix)
The Smiths ‘This Charming Man’ (New York Vocal Mix)
Blue Peter ‘Don’t Walk Past’ (F Version Original 12")
Belfegore ‘All That I Wanted’ (Extended Club Mix)
Nik Kershaw ‘Wouldn’t It Be Good’ (Simon Boswell Re-Mix)
B-Movie ‘A Letter From Afar’ (Big Mix)
OMD ‘Secret’ (Original 12” Mix)
Blancmange ‘Living On The Ceiling’ (12” Mix)

There's something to be said for the 12" vinyl enthusiasts, who have spent years collecting music. Some of them may spew at this release, whereas others (probably you) will still wink with a tilt of the head as if to say "you think you got it all now buddy, dont ya". "well ya don't mr joyous and filled with glee, you don't".

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