July 18, 2005

Cancel all theories

Womens shopping. Men know about it, men do not talk about it.
One female humanoid has quietly unfolded the mystery of shopping:
Now ladies and gentlemen (and crazy perverts who are gagging to see me in my lingerie) there is an art to shopping in a sale. The art of self control. Now sure you can go in and max out all your credit cards in two minutes but that's not the most economic way to go about it. You need to find the items you've always wanted and the item of your dreams as opposed to buying everything you can find just because it's so much cheaper than usual. If this is the attitude you take into a sale you will walk out complete, complete with brand new shoes and beautiful, sexy clothing. You become the queen of the sale and receive your crown, your subjects admire your fine shopping choices and you are expected to rule the shopping universe. Newyorkality

Apparently, this guideline is good for shoes, makeup, hair, sunnies, bags, jewellery the lot... or is this just a male humaoids way of having the convenient answer?

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