July 4, 2005

Live8 kicked ass

Live 8 - what a ride. Makes you think that the 'rock n roll juice' is still out there in its purest form and it takes a guy like Geldof to mash up a classroom of musical misfits yound and old, flaky and gritty to produce an event that is guaranteed a worldwide audience and to have the ability to create a dent in planet Earth's timeline of events.

In weeks, months, years to come - Live8 will be on there in the 2005 calendar (next to the Michael Jackson trial).

What I find interesting, but hardly surprising is the self-absorbed people out in the world who are complaining about it - even though they themselves watched it:

• Bono has never paid a cent of tax in his life, yet he's asking taxpayers of the world to give money. How many houses does he have again?
• Why did Bill Gates get two minutes in the first two hours of this concert?
He never mentioned Microsoft, but does he have to?
• Why are rich music stars telling 8 rich politicians to supply money to a diamond-digging nation that is run by outlaws?

I thoroughly enjoyed Live8.

A great event for a very worthwhile cause. Wether fascist pigs take notice of the goodness intended is another thing. A message was there, everyone knows what it was wether they like to admit it or not. Sir Bob Geldof knows how to knock up a historic event. Everything from the skeletel deals like sponsorships, broadcast rights, tv, radio and internet partners to the presentation, design, and locations. The seemingly ad-free event only had 2-3 minute "documercials" about the preventable situation going on in Africa during the broadcast - an impressive show of power.

The bands reminded us of their ink of years gone by. The right songs were performed, the crowds sang in support and not just in London, Rome or Johannesburg, but all of the participating cities. I enjoyed REM's 'Everybody Hurts', Duran Duran's 'Save A Prayer' (like they did at Live Aid) and what really got me was the opening act - U2. Bono just drove the nail in. Made sure the message was clear and even though he must have a huge ego to be such the frontperson for this event (as Geldof kept backstage for most of it), I applaud his determination to right a wrong. What better way to do that by using your craft.

Truly a uniting event. Watch it online.


Dubber said...

Are you sure Bono's never paid tax? That seems REEEEEEEEALLY unlikely.

Richard said...

Does doesn't it. Not me saying these things but was a worthy point made.

Richard said...

May I now consider the London bombings a landmark event of 2005. Talk about overshadowing a topic. Bastards!

Tam said...

I think its a little glib to call people with very real concerns/healthy criticism for live 8 'self absorbed'.