July 11, 2005


Thats sure to attract spam, google ranking and the valuation of this blog somewhat...

Am I a late bloomer to the world of online music?
Has the wild west of illegal mp3s finally subsided to the dark corners of the saloon, and music lovers are paying for what they want, and actually getting it - quickly without fuss?

How about that shitty Digirama. Still doing WMA files are they? Yeah. Actually, to give them some credit, I like how its music library has evolved. A shame about the DRM protected WMA files. Oh, whats this - Creative are advertsing their MuVos there too. Can I rate this site in negative? At least Orcon are tapping it for hits.

Any progress in legal mp3 downloads in NZ yet? To be honest, and to my discredit, I have not researched this bit before clunking on the keyboard. Instead, like belly fluff, i've a-mossed a few nice online places over the last few months where the music is free, mostly unknown, and reeking of choice.

I like the revamped for the (how many times now) mp3.com - a shame I cannot use it. Luckily they're under the umbrella of CNET and this includes download.com's music room. Genre after sub-genre after micro-genre. Who knew?

I found a love for turntablism, reaquainted myself with Chicago House and even found podcasts there. I've found multitudes of excellent quality music online, and Im not talking about mp3 quality - I mean 'mean' music production. You don't have to be an Iain Roberton to have access to Protools, with Sampletank or something close to it and are making music for a) fun, b) exposure, c) fun.

The gates have opened, gatekeeper. You are out of a job. Go turn signs. I hear its a peaceful career and you can stop hot chicks.


Tam said...

amplifier.co.nz has been selling legal kiwi mp3s for as long as I can remember.

paulie said...

They need to use paypal though. I'm British and don't have a credit card, so I can't use it. I use paypal with smokecds.com, I reckon amplifier.co.nz should follow suit.


Richard said...

I am aware of Amplifier - however they only sell NZ music, and SmokeCDs only provide mp3 samples of international music.

I was looking in the direction of a website where you could buy 'international' music in NZ, online, in mp3 format.

Digirama supplies WMA format, iTunes AAC (if it ever gets here).

By international - for example, the latest Gorillaz single...

I guess im a clunky machine when blogging at midnight, and miss these vital details. ha!

Mike Brent said...

Way to slag digiRAMA Richard, or should I call you dick?

I think it's a bloody good site, and at the end of the day the only website in NZ selling legal music from local & international artists.

From my hunting online it would appear there is no website in the world offering music from major labels in mp3 format, perhaps they're not too keen on selling there music in an unprotected format, and it would appear that not even almighty Steve Jobs can convince them otherwise.

Richard said...

Its Slag #2. See slag #1 for more.