October 30, 2005

More FeMale

Oi Bowden, No!
Thank fuck ex-Edge day announcer Tarsha Tolson has switched codes and is the new night host on the More FM Network. I think shes been doing it for a week now. I'd seriously had enough of Dominic.

I caught her show on Thursday night on my way home from St Lukes. I've never been a fan of Tarsha or her old station whos announcers LIKE TO SHOUT DOWN THE MICROPHONE, yet its a move long overdue by any Edge announcer. Nice to see that she can take control of her career and grow as a broadcaster, coz shit, The Edge for all its wacky gimmicks that only appeals to zit faced texters, obviously has gotten boring. More FM and the spinoff opportunities will be a great challenge for her.

First tip Tarsha - ease up on the SHOUTING!

[Monica - All Eyez On Me ogg/1.8Mb]
[Basement Jaxx - Good Luck ogg/2Mb]

get Foobar to play Ogg files.

Lennox & Stewart Return

I still love the Eurythmics. The breaking-in of The Tourists, the synth n sample early days, the rockier late 80s/early 90s, the solo efforts of the 90s by each and todays mellowing of undoubtedly radios easiest playlist add.

I have a pathetic Eurythmics collection. I have an old Greatest Hits which came out in '91 (lost sleeves) and 1989s 'We Too Are One'. I absolutely loved 'Revival' and 'Babys Gonna Cry', partly to the fact that 91FM at the time were hammering the snot out of them. In 1990 I heard 'Revival' at the Royal Easter Show, while a machine operator was packing up his equipment with a cigarette hanging out his mouth. The music was echoing through the emptying showgrounds. "R.E.V.I.V.A.L is gonna lift you right up from your prison cell"

Click to watch & listen!
Fast forward to November 2005. The new single is called "I've Got A Life" is released tomorrow (Oct 31). The new single is piggied on the back of something that makes my eyes well up. A collectors deluxe boxed set, which includes all eight albums: "In The Garden" (1981), "Sweet Dreams" (1983), "Touch" (1983), "Be Yourself Tonight" (1985), "Revenge" (1986), "Savage" (1988), "We Too Are One" (1989), and "Peace" (1999).

Further to this, each reissued album (as all do now), has extras included:

Le Sinestre (Taken from 'Never Gonna Cry Again' 7")
Heartbeat Heartbeat (Taken from 'Belinda' 7")
Never Gonna Cry Again (Live) (Taken From 'This Is The House' 12")
4/4 In Leather (Live) (Taken From 'This Is The House' 12")
Take Me To Your Heart (Live) (Taken From 'This Is The House' 12")

Home Is Where The Heart Is (Taken from 'This Is The House' 7")
Monkey Monkey (Taken from 'Love Is A Stranger' 7")
Baby's Gone Blue (Taken from 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)' 12")
Sweet Dreams (Hot Remix) (Taken from 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) 1991' 12")
Love Is A Stranger (Coldcut Remix) (Taken from 'Love Is A Stranger 1991' 12")
Satellite Of Love (Previously Unreleased)

You Take Some Lentils… And You Take Some Rice (Taken from 'Who's That Girls?' 7")
ABC (Freeform) (Taken from 'Who's That Girl?' 12")
Plus Something Else (Taken from 'Right By Your Side' 12")
Paint A Rumour (Long Version) (Taken from 'Here Comes The Rain Again' 12")
Who's That Girl (Live) (Taken from 'Miracle Of Love' 12")
Here Comes The Rain Again (Live) (Previously Unreleased)
Fame (Previously Unreleased)

Grown Up Girls (Taken from 'There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)' 7")
Tous Les Garçons Et Les (Taken from 'It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)' 12")
Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves (ET Mix) (Taken from 'Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves' 12")
Would I Lie To You? (ET Mix) (Taken from 'Would I Lie To You?' 12")
Conditioned Soul (Live) (Previously Unreleased)
Hello I Love You (Previously Unreleased)

When Tomorrow Comes (Extended Version) (Taken from 'When Tomorrow Comes' 12")
Thorn In My Side (Extended Version) (Taken from 'Thorn In My Side' 12")
Missionary Man (Extended Version) (Taken from 'Missionary Man' 12")
When Tomorrow Comes (Live Acoustic Version) (Previously Unreleased)
Revenge 2 (Taken from the original soundtrack to the film 'Rooftops')
My Guy (Previously Unreleased)

Beethoven (Extended Philharmonic Version) (Taken from 'Beethoven (I Love To Listen To)' 12")
Shame (Dance Mix) (Taken from 'Shame' 12")
I Need A Man (Macho Mix) (Taken from 'I Need A Man' 12")
I Need You (Live) (Previously Unreleased)
Come Together (Previously Unreleased)

Precious (Taken from 'Revival' 7") *GREAT SONG - was a Lennox single in '92!
See No Evil (Taken from 'The King And Queen Of America' 7")
King & Queen Of America (Dance Remix) (Taken from 'The King And Queen Of America' 12")
Angel (Choir Version) (Taken from 'Angel' 7")
Last Night I Dreamt The Somebody Loved Me (Previously Unavailable)

Beautiful Child (Acoustic Version) (Previously Unreleased)
17 Again (Acoustic Version) (Previously Unreleased)
I Saved The World Today (Acoustic Version) (Previously Unreleased)
Something In The Air Tonight (Previously Unreleased)

Now to round it off, and also my first official song sharing via blog, I give you 'Right By Your Side' from 1983's 'Touch'. You'll need an OGG player (I highly recommend Foobar).

[Eurythmics - Right By Your Side ogg/1.6Mb]

October 25, 2005

Too Cool

The browser wars are set to rip Microsoft in the guts before too long. Everyone I know uses Firefox now (I've done half the upgrades either personally or remotely via VNC) and they can't believe how:
• cool it is • different it is • customizable it is

They really have no clue on the security part, but are making massive in-roads around the internet now. I think it was the tabbed browsing bit, plus RSS and a few other things like the search box up top (Google/CDDB/Dictionary/IMDB/Wikipedia etc) really help make things easier.

As for the explanation for security? I just say that IE has gaping holes in it, whereas Firefox only has some borer.

Web masters are making their sites compatible with non IE browsers. Funny how Netscape is heralded by hardcore fans as the worlds "most used browser" ten years ago (when 14% of the world had internet access), and now it seems that it aint all that bad a browser (since its makeover), compared to IE. I guess the world needed a feasbile reason to switch, and SECURITY was the reason. IE is a hackers bitch.

If you do not use Firefox yet, please consider it seriously. It's foremost safer than IE, and secondly, cooler. Word.

October 21, 2005

NZ Fashion Week

Walking Rakes, Media Frenzy, International Guests - oh the glam of NZ Fashion Week! It's one week every year that every Nova fashion model has work. Did you know that Nova brought over Victoria KC and Emily S for Fashion Week? No? "Victoria is a fantastic walker, has a great personality and a stunning body." Yes, a fantastic walker!

Its the annual event for NZ's fashion industry, I just don't think middle NZ gives a flying... just like the TV guide awards, or the Radio Awards... but its eye candy if you care for the moment. Even Air New Zealand's (the major sponsor this year) staff uniforms were thrown under the sewing machine (or are they seconds from an op shop?).

Air New Zealand Uniforms even got a makeover, darling
Schedule Friday October 21:
11am 2Belles - Accessories (shed two)
12pm The Deutz Fashion Design Ambassador (shed one)
1pm AUT "Rookie" Graduate Show (the tent)
2pm Contemporary Salon Show: Miss Crabb (shed one)
3pm Hailwood (the tent)
4pm VERTICE/VAMP (shed two)
5pm Air NZ Best of Fashion Week (the tent)
6.30 Air NZ Best of Fashion Week (the tent)
7pm Karen Walker (shed two)
8.30 Air NZ Best of Fashion Week (the tent)


October 20, 2005

Naff R Us

Take one pringles "Mini" tube, and empty its contents (by gobbling it all up).
Wrap your favourite station sticker around the side and dump your pens, pencils, scissors inside!

Naff R Us to the rescue!

Try this with your empty bulk boxes for CDRs:
Perfect for bundling your card CD singles together!

...Naff R Us - recycling stuff that should be biffed...

Old School Sold!

Its great to see the two Auckland shows of the Laughing Samoans next show "Old School" has SOLD OUT!!

There is still the Wellington show to go, and Eteuati and Tofiga are promising another return to Auckland, so keep your ears to the ground (or Niu FM).
Being a white boy, I dont 'get' nearly all of the jokes, but shit they're brilliant performers.

October 17, 2005

Tairua yo

I was in Tairua over the weekend - first time in about 8 years. Its so great that Tairua overall hasnt changed (still no Taxi services), yet across the water, Pauanui is the Mecca.

If you happen to be going to Tairua this Labour Weekend, visit the Manaia Bar. It's in the middle of town and 45 seconds from the beach. God I cant wait for summer!
what view lois?
The Tairua radio dial has a lot of splatter:
Found Coromandel FM on 3 different frequencies (94.1, 89.1 + 90.6), and three versions of More FM (93.4 Tauranga, 92.0 Waikato and 91.8 Auckland) OUCH. Shall I mention three versions of The Rock, The Edge, Classic Hits, ZM blah blah. iPod instead? Yep.

October 12, 2005

Burnt to the ground

Something bad reminding me of something honest and good. Ironic.

While watching the news last night on Nightline, I was shocked to learn that the Aardman Animation Studios had burnt to the ground, destroying three floors of plasticine including my dear childhood mate, Morph [.mov].

The Wallace & Gromit empire luckliy escaped as two of the models used for the movie are on tour promoting the movie, and the sets and storyboards were elsewhere. Older storyboards, original drawings, wooden sets, paperwork, awards, news articles and other memorabilia from the films Chicken Run and Creature Comforts went up in flames, along with Morph. Go buy the DVD.

Orange Guy and Morph... long lost cousins!??

October 11, 2005


Recently, friends of mine and plenty of others have had their vehicles stolen, stuff ripped off or my stuff gone walkies. I of course do not tolerate this and my wrath awaits the perpetrator/s.

Good news though, all vehicles have been recovered by police but the owners are selling their vehicles. A bittersweet pill.

A lot is to be said about karma. "It just doesn't feel the same", "Ive been violated by this". The vehicle carries a hindering bad memory and most of them feel its better to get rid of it and buy a new car.

Maybe this is the REAL story behind Herbie? It's posessed by a disgruntled former owner.

Of course there are much more creative ways to get rid of a car, than selling it at auction or driving it over a cliff.