October 30, 2005

More FeMale

Oi Bowden, No!
Thank fuck ex-Edge day announcer Tarsha Tolson has switched codes and is the new night host on the More FM Network. I think shes been doing it for a week now. I'd seriously had enough of Dominic.

I caught her show on Thursday night on my way home from St Lukes. I've never been a fan of Tarsha or her old station whos announcers LIKE TO SHOUT DOWN THE MICROPHONE, yet its a move long overdue by any Edge announcer. Nice to see that she can take control of her career and grow as a broadcaster, coz shit, The Edge for all its wacky gimmicks that only appeals to zit faced texters, obviously has gotten boring. More FM and the spinoff opportunities will be a great challenge for her.

First tip Tarsha - ease up on the SHOUTING!

[Monica - All Eyez On Me ogg/1.8Mb]
[Basement Jaxx - Good Luck ogg/2Mb]

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Anonymous said...

she looks like stables with a wig