October 12, 2005

Burnt to the ground

Something bad reminding me of something honest and good. Ironic.

While watching the news last night on Nightline, I was shocked to learn that the Aardman Animation Studios had burnt to the ground, destroying three floors of plasticine including my dear childhood mate, Morph [.mov].

The Wallace & Gromit empire luckliy escaped as two of the models used for the movie are on tour promoting the movie, and the sets and storyboards were elsewhere. Older storyboards, original drawings, wooden sets, paperwork, awards, news articles and other memorabilia from the films Chicken Run and Creature Comforts went up in flames, along with Morph. Go buy the DVD.

Orange Guy and Morph... long lost cousins!??


Anonymous said...

Folly the tin-foil girl was always my favourite. Perhaps being made of foil enabled her to survive the fire? If not, R.I.P Morph & Co.

Richard said...

Maybe Bungle from Rainbow was on security that night.