October 11, 2012

One Hot Day

It was a stinking hot day - one that came out of the blue.
I had to lug a heavy laptop up a hilly street for the days first client visit. In addition, I had 600 postcards to drop off.
The load got lighter, but by the time I had walked down the hill, caught my breath on a train and found my way to work, it was 10:30am and already 32 desgrees!

I couldn't wait to go to the office. Air-conditioning like Dubai? Nope, not even like Sydney. It was broken, and our office was a stinker. The atrium area was looking good about now. I was a bit dehydrated so taking my own advice, I headed down to the Coke vending machine. It was probably just as dehydrated as it took my $1.50 with nothing to show for it. Luckily I had some spare change, and rustled another $1.50, only to see that get swallowed as well.

This could have been the last straw!

I called Coca Cola Amatil. The guy at the other end seemed surprised at how well I handled it. What? People lose their hit over a broken vending machine?! He took the details of the vending machine, and my details to issue a refund.

So, today a lovely letter arrived, with my refund.