September 12, 2012

Twitter Tools

Today I was looking for a tweet i'd, erm, tweeted about at least six months ago.

Unfortunately for me, Twitter itself is (currently) shit at two things. Search, and history.

I was looking for a website that would show my tweets without any formatting, going back as far as the Twitter API would allow, which is around 3200 tweets.

So many companies use this to data mine, enabling them to have some kind of targeted product, whether it's an app, a plugin or a website. So after a bit of scouring, I found it.

It was included in this article, and after a bit of thought, bringing the original links onto this blog post will help these services. One more blogger link eh?

Definitely check out the rest of the article at the aforementioned link, by all means. There's plenty of other great tools there.

This was the service I was after:

It's great, as you enter your twitter handle, and using a bit of lazy loading, you get to see around the last 3200 tweets, without any embedded media - just the text. Thank you again, Air Tight Interactive.

At the time of this post, i'm over the 8,000 mark, and All My Tweets gets me back almost a year!!

Best tip - use your OS search tool to search a keyword. This is CTRL+F on Windows. It is super quick and will always be faster then Google (let alone Twitter itself).