November 29, 2006

Fijian Nutters

Fiji's Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase and military commander Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama both need their heads checked.

Its reported today that these two have not spoken in 15 months before this morning. No wonder they are not "on the same page". No wonder they have differing opinions on things. Imagine if McDonalds franchise kept out of contact from each other!

They both need to fall out of a tree in Suva. It worked for Keith Richards coz he got his head examined shortly after...

November 20, 2006

Marie Antoinette

The stocking that is Hollywood, is about to have another successful prick poking out the side, thanks to another masterpiece from Sofia Coppola.

Kirsten Dunst plays Marie Antionette in the film, and although I have not seen it, rather just the press released trailers and clips, I'm baited to.

I thoroughly enjoyed Patricks thoughts on the film. It is descriptive and is 'floating neutral' which is how I like to review/comment movies.

The stocking is pricked in NZ Dec 21, and Dec 26 in Oz (rest of world).


I made a wallpaper using my favourite M.A image.
Click it to download :)
View the full trailer here

November 10, 2006

Stadium for the 2011 RWC

I dont have to be a sports fan to comment on the stadium proposal for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. I simply have to be a ratepayer. We need to focus on what kind of existing infastructure we have, and look at the projects currently underway of improving/increasing its capability, then think carefully about the future, instead of rushing to the easy answer.

Easy Answer: Build it on the waterfront.
It will "look pretty" [see the corporate video], there are no noise restrictions, it will benefit the central city's hotels and overall economy for certain, and its close to britomart and the viaduct as well! It's asthetically and economically pleasing!

I just don't like the fact that 60,000 more cars will enter the city for the events held there. What about something simple like.. how human waste will be pumped into the Auckland Harbour. Come on! They wont pump it anywhere else as the CBD's waste system is appalling!. Auckland City's traffic problems are already a hot potato. By doing this, you simply cripple it further. Auckland does not have any other supporting public transport infastructure to accomodate this like, oh, a monorail?

Better Answer: Take it north.
Sure, the North Harbour Stadium is at the fringe of the North Shore, but it's at the end of a vital public transport line that is underway to fix forecasted traffic congestion - and to boot, it will be completed next year!. Traffic is instantly no longer an issue. North Harbour Stadium has ample access, parking and plenty of space for development. It's still growing up there.

BUT Auckland City needs to benefit!!!

And it will. I say spread the visitors and tourists out across the city. Re-develop the Auckland City waterfront like Sydney, with grass, public spaces and parks! Look at the popularity of Mission Bay. Why not connect this walk to the city, with greenery? We need to create a feeling of 'space' in our city. Room to move. People will then use the accomodation in the city, use its nightlife, its public transport and most importantly explore the greater city - especially when it comes to SPORTING EVENTS - instead of stupidly keeping them inside the CBD. Dare I mention what kind of economical nightmare the last power cut had on the city?.

With the extra money saved, you could build underground tunnels for further motorway/traffic development. As for Eden Park? Keep it "grass-roots" and for NPC Rugby, and Cricket. Eden Park is full of local history and that means everything. We must preserve local history, and develop Auckland City with great consideration, coz you only get one chance. To hammer my point, I will say this. The Skytower is not an icon I identify with Auckland. I never will. One Tree Hill (when it gets trees again), and the Auckland Harbour Bridge are icons. The Auckland Domain is an icon. The Skytower is repulsive, and so would an inner city stadium like that proposed.

SPEAK UP AUCKLAND. Speak with your heart, coz you live here.


Is iTunes going to ever get to NZ? (sfx: laughter by the rest of the world)

When it does, do I care?. Well, yes to a certain point. I will be watching the headlines and see how it promotes itself, performs as a result (after the 1st, 3rd and 6 months).

I will use it once and definitely put thoughts of my experience here. I will not use it again, as I prefer mp3 for digital music. I plan to avoid the fuss over DRM (as you may well know : 1 2 3).

There. Out there. Said and done (again).

Ban Private Fireworks

I want this banned. No question.

Where are the "ooos" and "ahhs" at home?
Over the last 5 years, its progressively gone from "well, that was fun" to "hmmm, sorry that one didnt work", to "I really can't be bothered" to "I may as well burn a $50 note. No thanks".

I would much rather attend a public display with my friends and extended family for a night watching the creme of pyrotechnics and fireworks shot into the air. It will be cheaper, safer, and much more satisfying - especially if I get away with bringing in a nice bottle of bubbles, a picnic blanket and a couple of cushions.

The Herald made a poo-poo as well.
2006 Headline:
Record Guy Fawkes for fire service
12.40pm Monday November 6, 2006

The Fire Service dealt with a record number of call-outs during the 10-day Guy Fawkes sale period this year.

Preliminary figures released today show there were 1729 fires across New Zealand between October 27 and November 5, compared with 1632 over the same period last year.

2005 Headline:
Guy Fawkes 'worst in 10 years'
24.11.05 11.50am

This year's Guy Fawkes was the worst in 10 years for the emergency services.

Police and the fire service were called out nearly 2000 times in the 10-day period when fireworks were legally for sale - October 27 to November 5.

In all there were 1867 fires, up 70 per cent on 2004 and the highest number since sky rockets were banned following a disastrous Guy Fawkes Day in 1994.

Join The System

Sorry I've been away. Blogging is a joyous opportunity - I should do it more. Damn my awesome real life!

If you haven't signed up to The System yet, go on. I think it's the best display of growth from a blogging circle I have ever witnessed. I'm really impressed :)

SHOCKING FUCK CUNT WHORE CRIKEYWelcome back EML as well. I was impressed by highlights package - noting the Golliwog-spotting, the effort taken in actually reading the 6 page press release by Charlotte Dawson, the two headed cat, Winston Peters in the US, and Paul Holmes saying "fucking" repeatedly.

Yes, Rove's banter can take the back seat for now.