November 7, 2005

iPod alternatives

I was scanning my morning blogs when I read:

Five Reasons why I won't buy an ipod:

1. Three Letters - D.R.M. I want to be able to listen to all my mp3s in all the devices I have. No tricky copy-protection shit.

2. Anti-establishment. Ipod is very establishment.

3. Absence of features. Sure an Ipod video is cool. That is if you like watching videos in such a small screen. No FM radio. No recording whatsoever meaning no bootlegging.

4. Price. For a few less moolah, i can get a players with more features.

5. Drag and drop. I just want to be able to drag and drop files into it. No itunes shit.

Let's take a look at number 4, to show you that yes, iPods are popular, given the amount of advertising given to them. I feel that if you aren't aware of the alternatives, things like DRM will become standard and 'part of the deal'.

Cowon Systems
Highly Recommended

iAudio X5 (pic on right). I'm gonna go buy one of these puppies! Check the feature list - includes BBE bass, which any studio engineer will know is a delicious addition!

Creative has a tidy little unit too. The muVo (on left) will store 500 Songs, 8 Hours Video, Up to 999 Photos. Not good for voice recording, but has an FM tuner like the iAudio, unlike the iPod.

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