November 16, 2005

Down Trou

Kiwi obviously sucks. NZ music does not IMO.

Has it anything to do with how CW have branded it, cliches and all. Is L&P better with a new logo that looks old, or the old logo that IS OLD, or are we sick of being force fed NZ music?

Channel Z served a great deal of the 'alternative' we now hear on Kiwi. Even hip hop and drumn n bass/nrg stuff. The Carly Binding track buffer or classic Crowded House song gets airplay on Morepork FM anyway.

It astonishes me that Kiwi is still on air. Impey was passionate about Channel Z, still he cannot escape the bureaucracy surrounding the 93.8 frequency in Auckland. The fact that noone listens should have him drawing new plans there, be it bringing in The Breeze, buying Base FM, resurrecting Channel Z (probably wont happen) or simply simulcasting Pacific on FM?

What a waste. Surely he realises that outside boxed formats, there are nearly 40,000 people listening to Tarana (15k short of Solid Gold, more than twice that of Kiwi, almost equal to George or bFM) and Auckland especially is so demographically fucked, where ethnic and socially active groups are where you actually get the most loyal listeners. Radio as a medium is thinning overall as a part of our media mix these days. How about an award of recognition for trying, but stick to what you know and make it work for as long as it possibly can.

He's put up a scarecrow, and its worked.

yeah. what a waste.


Anonymous said...

hmm.. thought this looked familiar. someone posted this on Google Groups ( and I suspect it wasn't you. lol

Richard said...

by the way, a birdie told me the Breeze is coming to Auckland.

Anonymous said...

good stuff. hope it was a reliable birdie! hopefully at the expense of another "birdie" :)