November 15, 2005

Back To The Block II

It's way cool to have a blog that a few people read, then through that, I can share my other activities and experiences with you and your mouse.
But what really made my day today, was having two separate parts of my life find each other without my intervention. I just planted the seeds.

So today, A song for Mel. Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for tuning in. Retro Hit Radio celebrated two years of existence on Monday November 14th. We are working on the new website as I type this... URL posted here in due course.

[Icehouse - Anything Is Possible ogg/1.9Mb] 1991/Code Blue
• get it before Nov 22, 05

Go Foobar!
It plays ogg files (and mp3 etc), and allows me to share these songs; high enough quality yet small file size
..without hurting the artists
..without DRM.

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