November 14, 2005

Supermodel On My D

Sound familiar? Should it? Christmas followed by Summer is that funny time of year where most Lemmings succumb to the last minute shopping, and follow madness through christmas, to have a few weeks at the beach, or near a beach, or near a picture of a beach.

My awareness to this fact started last night by passing a womans magazine headlining the 6 week crash diet for your 'summer bikini body'. Yeah, here it comes with a faint scream, getting louder...

It's considerably odd to think that we subject ourselves to a bombardment of pre-summer advertising, we actually respond to it, and live a life of kaos in November and most of December (the 6 weeks New Idea work to), just to have a few weeks at the beach, or be near a beach, or near a picture of a beach, with people you may not necessarily know.

The scales are mal-aligned at this time of year, although for good reason. Two of my close girl friends within a two week period each got engaged to their men. Choiceness, and news like that overpowers the commercialism that surrounds this time of year, instead helping everyone 'ground self' to whats really important - friends and family. The point of christmas.

Buy Nothing Day is coming up too, just to remind us whats going on around us at this time of year. Hi Stuart!

After Christmas, let the lotion flow and sun cook it to the sound of the Fun Lovin Criminals. Yeeeeaaaah Boyyyy!

[Fun Lovin Criminals - Big Night Out ogg/1.7Mb] 1998
[Fun Lovin Criminals - Up On The Hill ogg/1.9Mb] 1999
[Fun Lovin Criminals - Couldn't Get It Right ogg/1.7Mb] 1999
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