November 27, 2005

Gotta have Faith

I heard this track on c89.5worldwide the other day [listen], and shit it got me bouncing around the place. Here's how this works incase you forgot.

I heard the track, today I paid for the copy controlled single, copied it, and put it here for you to download before December 4 to taste. Now you can go out and buy it.

Faith Evans can go bling shopping next week knowing that her gold card will have funds. Oh, and I also promoted a college radio station that also plays her music, and a local record store that sells it. ogg blogs are good.

[Faith Evans - Mesmerize (Freemasons Remix) ogg/2.2mb]
The First Lady/2005

1 comment:

Southern Coon said...

Thanks for the amazing track Mr Phelps. You sure are the MAN. Churr, from your southern negroid.