November 1, 2005

Good Bad Ugly

Two covers and a fantastic original today.

The good.
I caught onto the Transplants with Diamonds And Guns a couple of years back. I ran a new rock station at the time and we played them, aside other great bands like Muse, The Sounds, The Music, almost all the new rock acts heard on the defunct Channel Z or Hamiltons Generator. This single sees them team up with the Booyaa Tribe. Download this and let the funky beat BLAZE, coz summer is coming...
[Transplants feat. Booyaa Tribe - What I Can't Describe ogg/1.9Mb]

Frankie J recently covered Extreme's More Than Words. It is a little pacey for me with too many vocal acrobatics, but Frankie J is consistent, and I guess I give hime credit for that.
[Frankie J - More Than Words ogg/1.7Mb]

Why do I even mention this? Coz I love the original so much, and I must warn you not to buy this single. This cover is dire, and depressing, whereas the original is honest and heartfelt. Some songs are just not meant to be covered.
[Aaron Hall - Tears In Heaven ogg/2.2Mb]

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