November 13, 2005

Writing, Recording & Touring

The cycle of a musician. INXS are itching to get back on the road, watching Irish equals U2 walk those grassways in '05. Fuck yeah, we want that again, right Garry Gary?

I spent 3.5 hours today writing up the year by year scripts for an upcoming programming element today, and learnt the extraordinary story behind U2's 1st EP "Three" and single. "Out Of Control" (image left)

NZ musicians might learn a thing or two from that story. U2 and INXS are two bands that really define my taste in music. They were quite unpolished back when, and that was cool. The lyrics were raw, songwriting style fresh, MTV hadn't swallowed their image yet, and they were 'next door'. FFWD 20 years, and they've both survived the corporate monster, making the monster move around them coz they made the monster.

Their music these days is really good, although polished, still fresh. I await the U2 concert in Auckland on St Patricks Day. The rumours were true, now for INXS to do the same and my life would be complete. The single "Pretty Vegas" goes on sale in Oz tomorrow. Album out at the end of the month.

I was going to place a Muchael Hutchence song from his 1999 solo album (the one that he worked on since 1995, and his friends completed), but Ive misplaced the CD somewhere. Instead, a remix of their fateful last single with Hutchence as lead (from 1997), and an early favourite of mine from 1983.

[INXS - Don't Lose Your Head (Andy Robinson Remix '04) ogg/1.9Mb] 2004/INXS The Remixes
[INXS - To Look At You ogg/1.7Mb] 1983/Shabooh Shoobah

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Peter said...

that INXS single, saw it in the shops here mid last week - did we get it before oz? Also, the credits on the single list who played guitar, bass, drums, keys, but no mention of the singer. Maybe he isn't officially in the band when it comes to the INXS company business?