December 1, 2005

With You

Portability is so 20th century. Here we see the first portable computer...

Haha. Where would many of you be today without your trusty laptop, or your cellphone?

In school, me and my ex flatmate had these 'timers', and we'd set them for 60 minutes just before each class period started. At 30 seconds before the end of class, we would stop work, pack our stuff away to the surprise of our teachers and on 3.. 2... get out of our chair and begin to walk toward the door. That moment the teacher is about to ask "where are you two going", where mid breath, the bell would ring. "Class is over Miss. See you tomorrow". Go portable clocks!

Fast Foward to 2005 and the internet is a part of our daily lives, wether we just surf the thing for todays news, email or whatever. It's already portable (has been for ages) but you need your palm equivalent or cellphone to run the programs. Consider the decline in internet cafe usage in the next 3-5 years just on that. Problem is, these devices don't yet (or may ever) have the grunt to do involved work.

John Haller is giving you your computer without your computer. How would you like all your bookmarks to go with you? No I dont mean uploaded to a myspace type website, i'm talking "bring your stuff with you", bookmarks, settings... software.

It's beginning now with applications like AbiWord, FileZilla, Firefox, Gaim, NVU, OpenOffice, Sunbird and Thunderbird (so far).

All you do is download the .zip files, extract to your USB thumb drive, and go. No installation necessary, no registry writing. Plug your USB drive into any manchine - even the reception desk of the lawyers office across the road and run YOUR browser, YOUR email client, YOUR office suite. Nuts huh?

Take a look.

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