December 19, 2005

Killing Heidi

Hey. Whatever happened to groups like Killing Heidi?

Ella & Jesse Hooper, Warren Jenkin and Adam Pedretti are Killing Heidi and made an impact on NZ TV and Radio in 2000, with the singles 'Mascara' and the radio-saturated 'Live Without It'. Whatever happened to music like this?

The official website tells me they have built their profile, and for all I know are still hot at radio, getting sucked down Australias iTunes 100 times a day and are rilthy rich. They're still with Sony music, and NZ is lacking somewhat in the promotion of indie rock. Oh how people are still talking about the loss of Channel Z. If only someone were listening to them.

[Killing Heidi - Live Without It] ogg/1.5Mb (2000) buy
[Killing Heidi - Mascara (Acoustic Mix)] ogg/1.6Mb (1999) buy

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Anonymous said...

you're takin the piss, aren't you?