December 1, 2005

The Sindecut

I found this on a Virgin records Radio Promo disc from July 1990.

After 7's 'Cant Stop', Bass-O-Matic's 'Fascinating Rhythm', Steve Winwood's 'One And Only Man', or McSkat Kat's "Skat Strut' could have taken first spot on the disc, yet english hip-hoppers The Sindecut made the grade.

Track one on a labels promo CD is considered the heatseeker back then by PDs. Nowadays, its the labels recommended 'safest hit'. So sad it never went anywhere in NZ at the time. Probably because 'Suicide Blonde' and 'U Cant Touch This' were dominating the Hot 9 at 9.

The Sindecut had just signed a six figure deal with Virgin in 1990 after three years of vigorous promotion, with two singles behind them on Baad Records. It helped that they had great response in the UK from a 'live to air' on Capitol Radio. MC Crazy Noddy, DJ Fingers, Louise Francis, Lyn E Lyn, Don't Ramp and Spikey Tee signed to Virgin and released their first album 'Changing The Scenery', with first single 'Live The Life'.[stream]

Crazy Noddy and Fingers are good friends with UK producer Insane MacBeth who is one of the UK's first generation old skoolers (influenced by pirate radio DJ Westwood and Deckmasters - the DJs behind Cookie Crew), and aided them between '86 until they were signed.


[The Sindecut - Tell Me Why ogg/1.9Mb] 1990/Changing The Scenery
*get it before Dec 8

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