November 15, 2004

Retro Hit Radio - launch

Hey everyone

This is a massive spamzy out to you all, to reveal what all of my secret whispers, dark handshakes and ferret swapping was all about over the last 24 months.

I have launched my own radio station in South Auckland - it's smack bang in the face of the 350,000 that populate Manukau City and Papakura.

Retro Hit Radio has been running in - if you like - "Beta" stage since February this year and now with the help of a man dressed in a robot suit and plenty of crazy legs practice, I have launched the station off the top of Manukau Heights, which now radiates the gusto of many peoples in South Auckland.

If you find yourself south of Ellerslie at any stage, join the thousands of japanese car radio owners down here and tune to 88.1FM for a dose of Retro joy!

There's a tonne of awesome kiwi music on playlist (MiSex, Supergroove, Push Push, Strawpeople, Jenny Morris, Narcs etc etc) plus an abundance of international gems! Bad hair, yes - but some great music.

To a select few of you, of whom I have kept in the loop over this "secret" period - I thank you for your discretion as there could have been an uproar by my penguin folk if someone tried our idea. The brand is protected now, so I'm ever grateful for your courtesy. Thanks for all the support - you all know who you are ;)

If you want any further info about it, then drop me a line.

International Retro formats
Belgium, Russia, Spain.

Retro formats in the US
Wisconsin, Nebraska, Tennessee: [1][2], Washington, California, Oregon, Hawaii, Sacremento, Rochester, Michigan, Florida, Milwaukee, North Carolina, Indiana, Minnesota, "The Point" Networks, and theres probably a lot more. If you have some time, and interest - read up on how Amercian Retro (or 80's) formats have panned out.


Anonymous said...

Wow finally! Luv yor sh** Retro & happy birthday. Feels gr8 cruisn to work in Hunters Corner, leavn from my Manukau Heights home & listenin 2 a primo station broadcasting from Redoubt Road. Luv y'all! Mel xxx

Richard said...

Hi Mel
Thanks for the kind words, and for listening! Its easier to say Redoubt Rd as the broadcast location than Eugenia Rise (which is the actual site).
Try heading over the hill to Papakura. You'll get it all the way...
We are working this week on the new website, and once its up, I'll post the URL.