November 7, 2004

Cut n Paster - ep1

I now present the Thoughts from the studio "Cut n Paster"!

"Bill Ralston says he has no plans to change what goes out on TV1 at 7.00pm every weeknight. I think [Holmes'] ratings are stronger than we've had for several years, and that's one of the indicators. I think they're breaking stories a lot more than they did in the past. There's got to be acknowledgement within that that you're getting a quality product, and I still think we're getting a quality product out of Holmes. Obviously the viewers think so, too."
Bill Ralston - Listener Oct 2004

One month later, Holmes confirms he leaves for Prime TV in direct opposition to TVNZ.

"The move would be good for Holmes."
Bill Ralston on National Radio - NZ Herald, Nov 2004

Now I read over the weekend that Bill and Ian back at TVNZ are on the defensive. Allow the cut n paster to do its job:

"Paul's view that he's in the summer of his career, well, frankly, it's not TVNZ's view," Mr Fraser said. News chief Bill Ralston said he was in "100 per cent agreement" with his boss. "Ian has seen the same research I have and, it would seem, Prime hasn't."
NZ Herald - Nov 2004

Holmes will receive $1m per year over 3 years to produce something for Prime TV that goes head to head with TVNZ. Although I've never watched an episode of "Holmes" in my life, I think I may watch this Prime space.

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