November 1, 2004

Random Blogmah

The funny thing about Blogs, is that everyone has one, yet a chunky portion of the world don't know what they are.
Top right of this (and many others) blog is a button that says "Next Blog".

I clicked it and found: - This guy is using blogger to clock his hours at work. - This guy loves to, haha, laugh, hehe. - Interesting comments of the US Election by a former US Marine/Army/Australian Police Sergeant. - The mind of a cheerleader (i think they have minds). - Need some poetry now? Star Mart can't help but this blog will. - Life in Norway for this adventure seeker! - A Kiwi in Japan! - Reid the "College Student" has a great blog - my cuppa tea! - A 12 year olds blog. Read it if you can!

And could this be true?

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maxwell's silver hammer said...

I appreciate the comment.