November 5, 2004

Letterman gets interviewed

I have an odd soft spot for Dave Letterman. A likeable goof who loves to talk about things that mean nothing, do weird shit like blow up pumpkins or drop bowling balls from the top of a building into a bathtub just to see what happens.

To my amazement, Dave is a very private person and every now and then accidentally leaks a little of his personal life on his show - often by accident and probed by a guest (usually female and flirty!). Yes, Drew Barrymore is welcome anytime on the Late Show.

His current big news this year is that he and his partner (recently upgraded to "girlfriend") had a baby boy last year "Harry", and is close to his 1st birthday. Will he tell us how he will celebrate or just let the date pass by without a whisper?

Dave has always declined the romantic assumptions about his celebrity status, always downplaying his intelligence and nearly always staying modest - this from a man who had quintuple heart bypass surgery in early 2000 yet sold Official Dave Bypass T-Shirts!

The other big news is that for the very first time, Dave has agreed to be on the other side of the coin, and have the questions asked about him. It's a giant lollypop begging to be licked, and who gets the privelige? Regis Philbin is a dear old friend of Daves (he hosted The Late Show during the surgery, and recovery) although they both banter crazy slurs toward each other much like a couple of old fishing buddies.

Regis is a long standing figure amongst American TV audiences, and no doubt he is as classic as Dave. This interview will broadcast on the 8th (Tuesday morning NZ time), and you can bet I will be combing the internet for clips of the interview next week, and will no doubt be locked to Prime TV all week to hear his afterthoughts on the show.

There's no business like show business, but there are several businesses like accounting. -David Letterman

Interesting Dave Facts:

• One of his most memorable moments occurred in the 90's when Johnny Carson made a surprise walk-on appearance. Letterman stood up and let Carson sit at his old desk for a moment, with the intent of delivering a joke. The audience went crazy and applauded for so long that he never got in a word.
• Dave is the executive producer for the show that follows his: "The Late Late Show" although Craig Kilborn (the host) has decided to leave. He also brought us "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "Ed".
• Dave sometimes uses the name "Earl Hofert" as an alias.
• Dave was the voice of "Motley Crue Roadie #1" on "Beavis & Butthead Do America"

Late Night with David Letterman first aired on NBC, February 1, 1982. He later left bitterly and joined CBS in 1993 after Jay Leno was given the vacated Johnny Carson slot despite Letterman's public desire for the coveted position.
He reformatted the name to The Late Show with David Letterman and its been that way since - often rating #1.
Dave pulls in approx $120 million in advertising a year and takes $14 million for himself. We can see Dave and his team of bandits (Paul, Alan, Biff and Rupert) weeknights on Prime around 11pm-ish.

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