September 20, 2004

To boldly go

I just finished a nice glass of bubbly. In celebration.

In 1990 on top of One Tree Hill, I swore an oath to myself that I would impact the Auckland airwaves at some point in my life. I had no idea how or when I could do it, or if it was attainable. Instead of becoming a school teacher like I intended back then, I locked myself into the dream and went for it.

Over the years I have impacted the Auckland airwaves in more subtle ways. I made a lot of the music beds and remixes that are used on More FM. I make station imaging for Times FM in Orewa, and Niu FM Nationwide. My production hand is heard on George FM & UpFM also. It's still not 'on the air' though. I've conquered Hamilton three times over, Tauranga and the Coromandel (ick) twice but no strike in Auckland.

Now may be the time. I've started my own station with the help of two dear radio buddies of mine. We've probably got more than 60 years radio experience between us and a shitload of music research. We've been working on our format for the last 2 years, sourcing music, writing content, planning strategies, budgeting, designing branding, technical, even doing a dummy run - numbers and all!. We've taken it slow and steady and waited for the right time to turn on the low powered transmitter.

I joined a team of Low Powered broadcasters and helped form a society, assisted countless radio startups in my time and a former co-host has asked me to be his best man next year. Joy! I'm in a good space and I've had a lot of awesome feedback about my station by two radio bigwigs (yes, actual bigwigs!), colleagues, peers, friends and family - many of whom have been waiting with baited breath after my grand presentation last April.

So here it is. My oath and promise to the dream comes alive, and, err, my glass is empty. Be right back..........


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