September 1, 2004

Guilty Pleasures

Everybody has them. Hidden deep in the entertainment center. Buried at the bottom of the CD chest. Scratch the veneer of any hip music enthusiast and you'll find a closet Milli Vanilli fan.

Thats just how we humans like it too - we gotta be unpredictable, although this is usually unintentional.

Back in 1992, the father of a friend of mine was having a BBQ with friends. We were instructed to supply the music, and so we ran cable around the side of the house, attached them to speakers and proceeded to play a mix of classics and modern music (it was early Supergroove back then). We would take 30 minute shifts playing music between two cassette players. Every time my friend would start his set, Elton John's "I Guess Thats Why They Call It The Blues" would be his first song. It became a running joke, really.
Nowdays, he listens to The Rock, yet in his collection lies some hardcore shit from Snoop Dogg, Sum41, and yes, Elton John.

I've just been asked to transfer a couple of old LP's to CD for a friend. He explained to me that he couldn't find these anywhere on CD, so he would continue to listen to these two Rod McKuen albums outta the early 70's at any given chance. When he gave them to me for the transfer, he felt he had to explain why he had them. I knew exactly why - Guilty Pleasures - and I do not hold it against him coz, I have some doozies in my collection too.

Some of my guilty pleasures

Reef - 'Replenish' (1995)
Living Colour - 'Biscuits' EP (1991)
David Bowie - 'Black Tie White Noise' (1993)
Fan Club - 'Respect The Beat' (1989)
Various - The Brain Central Nervous System V1 (1995)
Margaret Urlich - Safety In Numbers (1990)
Hanson - Where's The Love (CD Single)

There are of course:
Michael Jackson, Madonna, Go West, Nik Kershaw, The Motels, 'Warped Tour' Compilations, 'Busted' Compilations, and the 'Rhythm Volume' series up to V16, the Kickin' series, NOW, WILD, Big Day Out, Triple J, a variety of OST's including Forrest Gump, The Truth About Cats & Dogs, Miami Vice, Cocktail, Friday & Next Friday and buckets more.

I'm yet to see a collection without:
Kiwi Rock Volume 1 (or 2)
OST: Dirty Dancing
Moby - 'Play'
Prodigy - 'Fat Of The Land'
anything from the Rhythm & Black series.

Theres great interest in this - we can't help it. If you're reading this during the weekend, then read up on the Guilty Pleasures of Robyn Gallagher, Fred Muller, Paul Radley (login required), or take the advice from this Google search

Crazy huh. If you want to confess, add yours in the comments below :) If you can't think of any, read up on this article, or visit Hamilton's Hindsight to jog your memory.

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