September 10, 2004

Our appointment

Whats up with that blasted Green Room effect?

Bump into someone you've not seen in a while, and in haste say "lets catch up for a coffee".

1) It never happens and you find out 35 years later he/she own their own island..
2) Somehow they know Christina Ricci
3) The 'catch up' happens, and..

..a phonecall is made.
X:Oh mate, it's been too long really. How about we catch up later in the week?
Y:Yeah, how's Thursday for you?
X:Great, 2 O'Clock at (cafe/bar)?
Y:Cool, see ya then.. etc etc

A day later, someone tries to book THAT particular time you've pencilled with your long lost buddy. To steer the strange one legged person away you pretend you have an important business meeting at that time and cannot break it (if you are a true friend). "I've got a 2 O'Clock then, sorry"

I believe strongly in a personal matra of mine. Never Be Predictable. Instead I will make it a habit of going home using a new route, pick up a different brand of bread at the supermarket, and book really odd times for meetings.

I have a "4:17" sorry..
I have an "11:11" sorry..
I have a "2:39" sorry..

You should see some reactions I get. They think I'm joking.

FYI: I've been doing this with my posts here since July. Take a look at the log entry times ;)

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