September 13, 2004

Radio Now

from radio ink
Start-up company AudioFeast is bringing radio to portable MP3 players, betting that digital audio fans will want a diet beyond their own music collections..

I'd be hesitant to call it 'radio' although its an avenue for radio in NZ to possibly expand its service. We do not have digital radio in NZ, yet this could be a fast track for us to catch up and join in on the digital aspect of radio.

I know its not a new idea coz we've been able to tape the radio for years, without any legal problems (although they still say its illegal). Only our time limit was limited by the length of the cassette. This way we can do it to the extent of the harddrive digitally and legally - as Radio can charge for the service, as they pay Apra anyway.

Weird how we can have iPods yet Apple's service of downloading to them is not available here.

Murray Deaker on demand anyone?

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