September 28, 2004

Small is big

First we got M&M Minis, then Baby Burger Rings. It seems that our food of the future is in bite sized chunks. Astronauts already complain of Portion Distortion, and now we may have to buckle as well.

Since 1982, the standard size of a hamburger has increased 112 percent. Bagels are 95 percent bigger than they were two decades ago and servings of pasta have gone up 480 percent, according to the World Cancer Research Fund International. Cookies, once bite-sized, now resemble a discus or Frisbee.

I ate a Mega Perky Nana a few hours back. I've always loved them. In Britian, King-sized Mars and Snickers bars will be cut down in size next year. Some weigh as much as 100 grams and contain 387 calories. They instead, will be cut into "two shareable portions" for you and your friendly bum on the street.

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