September 27, 2004

Creative Juices

I recall writing a spot for an Adult shop 5 or so years back. I convinced the manager to run with a series of ads over his campaign.

They were based around a young impressionable yet clueless delivery boy who was offloading (so to speak) the stock from his truck to the back entrance of the adult shop (I hope you're not reading this metaphorically!!!).

A typical script might go something like:

"Hey again!, it's Ben the delivery guy. I'm loading in some new things at (Adult Store) today.

(sfx of lifting boxes/straining).

I can never work out what's in these boxes, but this one says Lemon Zest Lube. I might take a peek inside and see what it is. (he always does this with every ad in the series)

(sfx: unpacking)

Okay. It's in a white and yellow tube, and squirts out like shampoo, really. (pause) OHHH gawd, it tastes like Lemon too! I'll just put that back. Got some in my eye.. ugghhh.

VO: (Adult Shop, blah blah specials, new stock etc.)

The key for the series was to have something dumb happen to the guy - to cause a listener reaction of "surely he knows what thats for" in an effort to put these products into the realm of common knowledge = new customers through door.

The client had a massive response. I'm not sure if he was kidding at a post campaign meeting when he mentioned a customer asked about the delivery guy's availability!

Magic. Hopefully the regulars at the Media Creative Writers forum will get a giggle.

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