September 22, 2004

You Like Them Apples Punk?

Shee-it! I just read in the Herald (the paper version - yes there's a version, ha!) about that Fraggle Rock 'Trashheap' chunk of land up north, that once spat unpleasantries on the landscape, that fuelled critics and non-believers into arrogant hibernation and gave an American Ba-zillionaire the quacky idea to put a golf course on it.

It was brush for gods sake. Unmanageable, unpleasant brush. Just like Basil.

Here we are yen years later and the nervous yank (still ba-zillionaire tho') opens a lush estate for peg nosed upper crusts to play golf, spit wine and drive around in electronic buggies saying 'what what' much like the corporate execs on Bro Town last night (shit it was funny). They could have got the Saatchi guys to give it a better name than "Karikari Estate Vineyard and Winery and Carrington Farms".

How will Wises Maps manage that?

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