September 7, 2004

Hiccout the Hiccups

Instead of adding to my mental list of remedies for this annoying human flaw, I'll just slap em here.

There are plenty of traditional remedies for the hiccups, so I'll start at the beginning. If you have any futher suggestions then add your comment at the end of this post.

  • HOLD your breath for 10 seconds.

  • DRINK an entire glass of water without breathing.

  • SWALLOW a teaspoon of dry, white sugar.

  • BREATHE into a paper bag for 2-minutes, re-breathing the air inside the bag.

  • USING your thumb, apply gentle pressure to the space between your teeth and upper lip. Using the index finger of the same hand, apply pressure just below the right nostril on the outside of the lip.

  • PLACE one finger in each ear and count to twenty.

  • CLOSE your eyes and apply slow, gentle pressure to the outside of the eyelids, over the eyeballs.

  • DRINK one cup of juice rapidly.

  • EAT crushed ice.

  • EAT bread slowly.

  • DRINK a glass of milk from the other side of the glass (you have to bend forward to do it).

  • EAT a spoonful of honey, or maple syrup.

  • STOP drinking alcohol, you're probably drunk.


Tam said...

HOLD a five cent coin between your toes and think of three bald men. No joke, the ensuing absurd hilarity always cures any case I get of the dreaded 'cups.

Anonymous said...

A teaspoonful of lemonjuice works for everytime!