September 20, 2004

We Were Wrong

That takes balls. Admitting that all the fuss over a post 9/11 band name change decision was a mistake.

The forums have been going nuts since the news the other day, and probably will for some time. I for one dont care what name they take - the fact is that since the demise of The Exponents, Shihad/Pacifier are the best consistent live unit I have ever come across. Its just like the Hulk Hogan/Hollywood Hogan thing. Good vs Bad. It's weird how we just like the whole thing.

They got airplay in the US as Pacifier, and US Rock Radio will probably look past the name change because of their moderate success there. Their American fans understood the initial change, and now two years later I suspect it will prove to be a positive spinoff for Shihad. They're in for a treat actually.

They will not lose anything out of this. If anything, they will only gain support. The people that bagged them for changing the name to Pacifier and ran away crying, should mostly come back after the band admitted they were wrong. Then again, if fans ran away because they changed their name, they were not really fans in the first place.

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Tam said...

Ack! So my groddy Shihad tee from '99 isn't chic and vintage anymore? Crap!