September 10, 2004

So Damn Cheesy

Well, I WAS going to write something about the NZ Idol runner up Michael Murphy, and the kafuffle over his first single. Alas, Robyn exposed the truth, Paul Ellis got headlines, and Damian drove in the nail.

I never liked Michael Murphy. Too cheesy for my liking, although perfect for an 8 year old. I'm still happy that Ben Lummis got the votes, even if he couldn't stay in key for 'Treat Her Like A Lady'.

It seems interesting that all of the runner-ups in this "Competition" end up releasing albums, in turn discounting the point of having an overall winner. in spite of that, the only crowd favourite I've yet to hear a single from is the lovely Cosima Devito. Fear not, she is on her way with her album too - only hers is full of ORIGINAL material penned by Diane Warren. Already, she has released a cover of Cold Chisel's "When the War Is Over" which reached the top of the Ozzie charts a few weeks back.

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