September 29, 2004

Toutatis Visits

"Look Mummy, is that all damn nation and certain death passing us by?"
"Yes Billy."

So, September 29th has arrived. The day that could have ended humanity as we know it.

Toutatis is in the (clear) sky tonight, and if (like me) you're heading to the Auckland Observatory tonight to catch a glimpse through the large Zeiss telescope, you can utter the mighty words of Billy above. Of course, say it in your head otherwise people might think youre crazy - although this closeness of certain death does medicate your inner monologue to "hyper", but trust me - keep it to yourself. We wouldn't want to create mass hysteria.

Which is another blindingly weird oddity. I've been on it for 6 months, posted an in-depth guts-n-all story a few months back, managed to scare the cat (which is now dead) and my peers, gain international interest (juding by the amount of hits its had) yet no interest here - where it will be best SEEN.

A few days back, Auckland Obervatory sent out a press release about this "close call", yet they've had no bites.

Editor: "Hey Ray - you wanna cover this story about a massive asteriod that could have wiped out life on the planet?
Ray: "I gotta take a whiz"

I guess, all we can do is.. celebrate. Dig out Earth Wind and Fire's "September" and crank it. It's all too appropriate.

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