September 9, 2004

Nightjocks diet

Back in the old days before automation, I would find Hotel California, American Pie, Stairway To Heaven* or any song that was longer than 5:20 and cue the bugger up when it came time for a food run. I'd prepare my cash, prepare the studio door, put the phones on hold (including the hotline) and as soon as I hit play, the old song was out, the next CD was in and I was off.
The petrol station where i'd get the tucka was across the road so there was no drama in getting the food, it was the food I ended up with which was dramatic.

my DJ Food was:
Pies, Chocolate, Chips, Coke or Energy Drink. It was a sad state of affairs really. All that effort I put into a great nightshow was morally destroyed by eating this unromantic 'ick'. My shift would end at 12, I'm home 15 minutes later yet I'd never get to sleep before 1:30am. The sugar kept pumping through me.

Here I am again facing the same issue. I am, however 8 years older and know what it feels like to have a tooth pulled out. I look back at that young jock I once was and sit here shaking my head and grinning, knowing I was not the only one who ate like that. This bad food habit amongst DJ's still happens today, yet not pointed out. It's like 'radio station coffee', or lack of pens - this is just part of the deal and because of your circumstances being night and all, there are a limited number of places one could go, and really it's tuff shit nightowl.

So now, I thank the accountants for bringing us automation. You have improved my health, my fitness and my attitude toward a bright and salad filled future. Tonight I am not on-the-air as a night jock, rather in production creating a new batch of Station Imaging. I have a ham roll that I picked up from a bakery at 4:30 this afternoon, along with a bottle of Ribena. I think I'll eat the roll now. It's nearly 1am!

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