August 31, 2004


Now is a good time to hit reset on your life. It's spring, the New Moon has graced us and the silly season is not far away either.

"Reset" was the original name for the band Simple Plan - amidst their commercial success they need to do just that again to get their credibility back. Every group gets to that point. Take RHCP, hell even Hall & Oates, Wilson Phillips and of course Duran Duran have hit reset and are back to their original lineup. See details at the end of this post.

So I have also hit reset on this here Blog with an array of new colours and layout.

I just picked up a new vehicle (see: 1991 Corolla haha -pic soon) and earlier today I decided to try and get my little bedroom TV hooked up to the Hills UHF/VHF MegaSuction Aerial on the roof - but ended up with static. No Letterman for me :(

Stand upright, raise your arms out to the front of you and shake them. Then notice your body begin to shake. Before too long you'll be shaking like Outback Jack in his ute doing 95 through potholes in the outback. Shake it off today and you'll feel much better.

Duran Duran
Their new album "Astronaut" is out in the UK October 4th and radio here should have the new single "(Reach up For The) Sunrise" by the end of the month. It's already the #1 most added song this week at US Adult Radio. If you're in the clubs this weekend, freak-out your friendly local DJ by asking them to play one of the new bootlegs either by Jason Nevins, Ferry Costen or Peter Presca!

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