August 30, 2004

Time to refuel

Spring has sprung!
Thank god winter is done and over for another year. It was beginning to grate y'know..

That bastard cough I've had for the last 11 weeks has gone, and over the last week or so, Auckland has been blessed with some real nice weather.

So much so, last week I took half a day off and wandered Auckland's Victoria Park Market and other such nifty places where I pretended to be a Russian tourist. A handful of 'kiwis' I stopped had no clue why the big chinmey was slapped right in the middle of the Market. Interesting. Has Metro Magazine discovered why?

Only two headlines strike me today:
NZ Idol Probed and the next version of Windows is out in 2006. I plan to take this time to better educate myself of Linux and in particular - Knoppix, so that by the time 'Longhorn' is out in '06, Microsoft will be but a distant memory.

Listening to:
George FM earlier today. Darrell Aaardvark (12-2pm) and Dubber (2-4pm). Really fitted my mood and the amount of sunshine.
Mountainside FM 88.2 - the newest LPFM in Auckland. It's coming from Panmure and is the best oldies/country format Ive heard in a while. Congratulations to Robert Houison. More info at the LPFM forum.

On My Desktop
  • Letter from Telecom, saying they've been watching my calling patterns from March-June and they will now force me to keep an average of $32 a month for myself.

  • A Digital Camera with a flat battery

  • The Rhythm Volume 7

  • $10 note

  • Dick Smith solder coil.

  • Invite to a friends baby's 1st birthday party.

  • Rearrange 'this', and you get 'shit' = my blog entry today.
    I know theres not much juice here but sometimes life is just damn boring, or I'm not telling you everything. Thats actually it. I have so much on the go at the moment - all of it confidential - I'd get in so much shit by writing about it on this here blog, although I have a new vehicle to pick up on Tuesday.

    I can tell you that I plan world domination but that makes me no different from any other blogger really. And apparently I can now sell advertising on this very blog to fund it.

    I think I'll keep it ad free thanks - thats why I like blogger.

    Blog news:
    I have also enabled a Blogger function where you can email a particular post to someone (if not yourself) if it may be of interest. An FYI if you like. Just click the little envelope at the tail of each post. See it just below?


    Dubber said...

    Spoke too soon, Richard - apparently it got down to 1 degree celsius overnight. Winter still hanging on and no cloud cover. Frosts everywhere, if you woke up in time for that...

    Glad you liked the radio show - not sure exactly what mood I was going for - I played Sidney Bechet and Kid Koala more or less back to back - but I figure if I can like both of those things, then someone else might as well.

    Can't really stomach the country music, no matter how hard Peter Hoar tries to convince me of its merits. That Dei Hamo track's our next number one.

    And I'm with you on the ad-free thing. While the Google ads are fairly inocuous (I get them whenever I read my Gmail account and scarcely notice), it's nice to see a whole page with almost no commercial messages.

    Incidentally - damn you and your secret stuff. You're not supposed to mention that you're doing something you're not supposed to mention - otherwise the rest of us get all curious and infuriated. Let us know as soon as you can, okay?

    And finally - yay Dangermouse. Second best cartoon series of all time.

    Dubber said...

    And nice redesign!