October 25, 2005

Too Cool

The browser wars are set to rip Microsoft in the guts before too long. Everyone I know uses Firefox now (I've done half the upgrades either personally or remotely via VNC) and they can't believe how:
• cool it is • different it is • customizable it is

They really have no clue on the security part, but are making massive in-roads around the internet now. I think it was the tabbed browsing bit, plus RSS and a few other things like the search box up top (Google/CDDB/Dictionary/IMDB/Wikipedia etc) really help make things easier.

As for the explanation for security? I just say that IE has gaping holes in it, whereas Firefox only has some borer.

Web masters are making their sites compatible with non IE browsers. Funny how Netscape is heralded by hardcore fans as the worlds "most used browser" ten years ago (when 14% of the world had internet access), and now it seems that it aint all that bad a browser (since its makeover), compared to IE. I guess the world needed a feasbile reason to switch, and SECURITY was the reason. IE is a hackers bitch.

If you do not use Firefox yet, please consider it seriously. It's foremost safer than IE, and secondly, cooler. Word.


Shoefiti said...

Oddly, I've been dealing with a bug on a site that works fine in FireFox but not in IE and have been trying to justify that it's not a big deal because nobody uses IE anymore. Well, maybe that's a bit premature, but it's getting closer to reality every day.

geoffdawannabe said...

IE is a Terrible browser. I've created pages with HTML tag opening ... and forgetting to close them. IE seems to fill in the missing code... but Firefox doesn't.... Firefox is the only true standards complient browser. IE makes it's own standard which is faulty.

Go Firefox!!!!!!